Client: Various
Work: UX Concept and UX Copy
Role: Lead UX Copywriter

I’ve been the lead copywriter and conceptor for several apps and chatbots, either as standalone projects or integrated within larger projects.

Working with a team of developers, my focus was always how and what can we say at what point in the journey to create the best user experience while still maintaining the brand’s voice.

NESCAFÉ Wake Up app

[vimeo 286173737 w=640 h=360]

The world’s first social alarm clock. Designed to turn the dread of your morning alarm into a thing of the past by letting you wake up to fun and silly videos created by your friends.

NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto App with integrated loyalty program

The app was created to house the new brand initiatives and help the brand move towards mobile first and improved digital experiences. We developed the app for the global business unit in Switzerland and local markets, such as Spain, then adapted the content for a local launch. 

Facebook Messenger Chatbot

Below is a mock-up screen of the NESCAFÉ Chatbot created for the International Coffee Day 2017 campaign. I created the initial userflow and then worked with our developer team to build the chatbot for approval and implementation within 6 weeks (much faster than the brand’s usual timeline for new IT/technological projects).

My role involved researching current brand chatbots in action on Facebook, and then determining the content the NESCAFÉ chatbot would talk about and what it would say in response to user input.

NESCAFÉ Facebook Messenger Chatbot

The aim of the chatbot was for users to learn more about what was planned in their area for International Coffee Day 2017, and book into a Barista Session to create the unique coffee creations designed by the NESCAFÉ Barista. In order to implement the chatbot within our 6 week timeframe, it had planned responses and directed users towards choosing their next step in the conversation from multiple choice options.

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