Client: NESCAFÉ Global
Work: É by NESCAFÉ app and launch campaign
Role: Lead Copywriter / Campaign concept creation / UX app copy

In 2018 NESCAFÉ launched a connected coffee maker and travel mug all-in-one device with its own dedicated app. As the Lead Copywriter for the global brand I developed the UX app copy, the launch campaign concept and the final execution for the product’s release.

The Campaign

The product is designed to make enjoying your perfect coffee easier and faster, and so the campaign was inspired by the Millennial (our target audience) obsession with life hacks – something that makes your day easier and faster. É, with its app connectivity, is designed to make your day and your coffee easier, faster, and a little bit smarter. From this insight I created the campaign headline: Make Your Coffee Smarter and the subline/hashtag #WakeUpYourGenius

The launch campaign needed to cater for the two initial launch markets – Greece / Cyprus and India – as well as being easily adaptable for future markets wishing to launch the product.

The campaign had a strong bias towards online with some ATL elements for markets where ATL is still strong. For the digital content we created videos in multiple formats and lengths with various copy options, as well as extensive social media and eCommerce content.

The App

Before we even considered the launch campaign I worked with the product development team to create the accompanying app. My main role was to creating the UX copy and ensure the user journey and experience was clear and concise.

Welcome Screens

Pairing Screens

Recipes and Coffee Creations

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